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outdoor fitness equipment

Outdoor fitness equipment

At Noord, you’ll find designs and solutions for weatherproof outdoor fitness equipment that are perfect for most outdoor areas with minimal maintenance, like a playground, park, public fitness areas, a private backyard and for schools.

Aesthetics, functionality and high quality for workout, sport and home gym.

Danish design and production
180 standard RAL colors
According to EN 16630
Minimal maintenance

Our Products

Spirer 110

Product no. NO-001

Spirer 700

Product no. NO-002

Spirer Box

Product no. NO-003-005

Spirer 900

Product no. NO-006

Spirer GHD

Product no. NO-007

Spirer Parallel Bar

Product no. NO-008

Spirer 1800

Product no. NO-009

Spirer 2300

Product no. NO-010

Spirer Monkey Bar

Product no. NO-011

Spirer Incline Bench

Product no. NO-012

Spirer Straight Bench

Product no. NO-013

Spirer Sign

Product no. NO-014

Spirer Mini Parallel

Product no. NO-015

Spirer Park Bench

Product no. NO-016

Spirer Pilates – Ø35/50/65

Product no. NO-017-019

Spirer EPDM Pilates

Product no. NO-020-022

Spirer Plateau – Ø75/100/150

Product no. NO-023-025

Spirer Battle Rope – Short

Product no. NO-026

Spirer Battle Rope – Long

Product no. NO-027

Spirer Sign – Vertical

Product no. NO-028

Spirer TRX – Short

Product no. NO-029

Spirer TRX – Long

Product no. NO-030

Spirer Double Monkey Bar

Product no. NO-031

Spirer Arched Monkey

Product no. NO-032

Spirer Workout Stairs

Product no. NO-033

Spirer Hammock

Product no. NO-034

Contact Us

At NOORD, a successful project starts with a good collaboration. We can help you all the way from the initial idea to the finished project. We are an outdoor fitness manufacturer, and our skilled project managers and graphic designers help you visualise and select the equipment that best suits your needs.

We provide a finished 3D drawing of the entire area so that you as a customer can easily see what the finished project will look like.

Street workout - Inspiration and ideas for fitness outside

At NOORD, we try to make the process from idea to finished project as easy as possible. We, as a outdoor fitness manufacturer, have therefore created a number of suggestions with prices that can be used as inspiration for your upcoming project. We will find the perfect solution with our weatherproof outdoor gym equipment for your workout, sport, or exercise spot.

You can download all the DWG files for the project so that you can implement them in your drawing or planning programme. This is regardless of whether your project is for a backyard, school, public fitness, park or a playground.  You can also find DWG files of the individual series.

outdoor fitness equipment

Premium outdoor exercise equipment for a complete workout experience

At NOORD, as a outdoor fitness manufacturer, design and sell outdoor exercise equipment with premium quality for schools, municipalities as well as private.

With a commitment to top-quality materials and over 30 years of expertise in the outdoor workout industry, NOORD ensures your outdoor sport equipment is not only functional and durable but also visually appealing. We have spent decades improving our outdoor exercise equipment and workout areas and has through insights from both newcomers and pros in street workout, managed to set new standards worldwide.

With weatherproof outdoor gym equipment you can do an outside decoration of a backyard, playground, public fitness area, a park, rooftops, school and much more.

NOORD is one of the leading choices within outdoor exercise equipment by architects, city planners and designers

NOORD’s outdoor exercise equipment is the preferred choice among landscape architects, city planners, designers, and private stakeholders looking to transform urban landscapes into vibrant exercise hubs. Known for its seamless integration, our outdoor sport equipment effortlessly enhances various settings, including city centers, luxury resorts, university campuses, and urban street workout areas.

Prominent landscape architect firms have emphasized the versatility of our outdoor exercise equipment as one of the most important factors when choosing NOORD. Our exercise equipment does not only complement diverse environments but also adds aesthetic appeal and functional value.

Numerous landscape architects, communities, urban planners, and park designers recognize the benefits of installing our outdoor workout equipment to promote healthier lifestyles and create active spaces. It offers everyone the freedom to exercise anytime, anywhere, without the need for a costly gym membership.

Trust NOORD, as a outdoor fitness manufacturer to deliver innovative workout solutions that align with your vision for creating vibrant, inclusive outdoor environments catering to diverse needs.

outdoor fitness equipment

Integrating our outdoor workout equipment into your planning process is a seamless 'plug and play' experience

Access all necessary resources, including 3D models, DWG-files, and detailed product descriptions on our website. Find relevenat information about each specific workout equipment by navigating to the ‘Downloads’ section under each product. If you encounter any difficulty or cannot find the required information about our outdoor workout equipment, feel free to reach out to us through our contact page.

Outdoor workout equipment gets more and more popular

Outdoor workout equipment gets more and more popular, especially in public spaces like parks, recreational areas, universities, and hotel outdoor facilities. This trend, fueled by an increased emphasis on promoting physical activity and community health, aims to make exercise more accessible to a diverse audience. Outdoor workout equipment offers individuals a chance to participate in physical activity within an informal and open environment, fostering outdoor exercise and social interaction.

Why train outdoors and invest in fitness equipment?

Outdoor fitness equipment allows you to exercise, have fun and get plenty of fresh air all at the same time. With weatherproof outdoor gym equipment, it’s also possible to decorate urban outdoor areas that encourage play, exercise and activity.

We focus on the aesthetics of our outdoor products because it matters what you fill your outdoor areas with. It creates both a healthier outdoor environment as well as a social gathering place, and the closest residents have 24-hour access to this outdoor fitness equipment.

Sustainable equipment with minimal maintenance

Our outdoor fitness equipment is produced and designed in Scandinavia. We are proud to offer aesthetic and sustainable products that is produced close to our consumers, minimizing CO2 emissions from transport.
We are part of the greener future, where we utilize our outdoor spaces optimally, actively and socially. We do this with products and equipment that are designed with respect for the environment. Our sports serie has the highest environmental certification of A+ in the Swedish SundaHus. We therefore strive for both social and climate-friendly sustainability.
You can read more about our weatherproof outdoor gym equipment and our generel sustainability profile.

Who needs outdoor fitness equipment?

At Noord, we have several different types of customers, ranging from public institutions, schools and private architects to housing associations and beyond. Our outdoor fitness equipment can be customised to the circumstances and areas you have available, whether it’s a playground, park, public fitness area, backyard or any other outside workout, sport or gym spot.

We offer our products in 180 different standard colors, so you can design and select the perfect equipment for your outdoor space. Every project is different and unique, which we fully embrace in order to find the perfect unique solution for you.

As a outdoor fitness manufacturer we have collaborated with ZYSCOVICHBIGSINAIOPLANDschønherr and many others.

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If you are looking for a professional business partner, you have come to the right place. We take pride in providing an extraordinarily good service. Our team has many years of experience and we are happy to be available to you when you need advice or sparring for your project.