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Top 17 Frequently Asked Questions About NOORD Outdoor Fitness

1. What colours are the products available in?

Your product is unique! You can choose between 180 RAL colurs – at no extra cost! You can download our RAL colour chart here

2. Is there a page with different set up suggestions?

Yes, please look under the tab “Installation Sugestions” (here). You are also welcome to contact us for additional visualisations. Contact us here:

3. Can NOORD help design a unique training environment?

NOORD will be happy to help design a unique solution for the individual task based on your needs and desires. Our competent advisors will create a 3D visualisation of the area, which will make it easier to imagine the final result. You please send us data and – if possible – photos of the place in question.

4. What is the lifespan of the products?

NOORD provides a 10-year guarantee on structural, material and manufacturing defects.

5. Is it expensive to maintain a NOORD fitness park?

The fitness equipment from NOORD requires minimal maintenance. However, stones, branches, steel, and other objects that may invite vandalism must be removed from the training area immediately. Be aware that tape, rope, steel, sand, and gravel also wear heavily on the equipment. 

The powder coating of the equipment should be cleaned and maintained regularly to preserve its decorative and protective properties – we recommend that the equipment is washed down at least once a year during the annual inspection, at which time an inspection report should also be completed. 

Washing is best done with warm water added to a mild detergent, applied with nothing harder than an ordinary washing brush. Rinse with garden hose. 

If the surface is heavily soiled, mineral turpentine shall be used to remove the contamination.

Get our complete maintenance- and repair manual here.

6. Where do I find your prices?

Please write us at: and we will send you our price list.

7. How to install the products?

All NOORD products come with installation instructions. If you choose a product under the tab “Fitness Equipment” you will also find these instructions (downloads) at the very bottom of each sheet – or you can get the complete installation instructions here!

8. Can the products from NOORD be placed on roofs and terraces?

For roof and terrasse mounting we have designed special footings – please find an example here!

9. To which countries does NOORD deliver?

We deliver across the world. Our terms of delivery are FCA Denmark (Incoterms), but we will be happy to make you an offer for the transport – just let us know if you want us to!

10. How does payment and delivery take place?

Upon reception of the order we ask for 30% of the amount in advance against pro forma invoice. After receiving the paymemt we will start manufacturing and when everything is ready to be shipped and inspected by you, we will ask you to transfer the balance. If you are unable to make an on-site inspection, NOORD will be happy to assist with photos of the shipment. After receiving the balance, the shipment will be handed over to the carrier.  

11. What are the freight conditions?

Our terms of delivery are FCA Denmark (Incoterms), but we will be happy to make you an offer for the transport – just let us know if you want us to!

12. Why does NOORD’s fitness equipment feature no moving parts, screws or bolts?

NOORD conducted a thorough study concerning city space inventory. The study showed which product parts are the most exposed to wear, vandalism, wind and weather in public sections. The study has since formed the foundation for the design of NOORD’s products. Therefore, we do not use screws or bolts in the production of our training equipment and have no moving parts. The training equipment is manufactured in rust-proofed and powder coated steel. The selected materials ensure their long lifespan.

13. What types of work out is a NOORD fitness park designed for?

NOORD’s fitness concept is designed for several types of work out, such as CrossFit, Callisthenics (bodyweight training), HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), Circuit Training and Accessories (Training with TRX and elastics). The functional work out equipment from NOORD thus targets a wide demographic, as people across all ages, levels and training type will be able to complete different exercises.

14. Can the equipment be used by wheelchair users?

Yes, some devices can also be used by some wheelchair users. The distance between the individual products is at least 150 cm – so you can move around the area with a wheelchair. The distance between the legs of a product is between 57 cm to 90 cm.

15. Are the products certified?

Our products are certified according to the European standard EN:16630 and the American standard ASTM F3101-15. If you would like to receive the certificates, please write to us at:

16. Can the fall protection overlap?

Yes, the fall protection may overlap.

17. Are "training space" and "area of movement" allowed to overlap?

Basically, the green lines (training space) are not allowed to overlap. The blue lines (area of movement), however, may intersect both the blue and the green lines, BUT there are to be no solid or hard objects inside the blue circle! (Trees, stones, other fitness equipment, etc.).

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