From seeds to sprouts

In 2012, designer Steffen Svendsen established NOORD after completing his education as an industrial designer at VIA University College in Herning – Spirerne was his graduating project. 

While Steffen was in Herning, the staff at the art museum Brænderigården in Viborg, discovered a growing problem with art objects installed in the open. A large number of them had been bent as a result of exercisers using them to train and stretch out for runs. How could this be avoided in the future? 

A need was recognised and so the task was set to create some sculptural equipment specifically designed for training and stretching. Personally, Steffen wished to create an expression as a manifestation of the power that sprouts in us all when we take on a new chapter in our lives.

A seed was planted and a Spirer (a Sprout) grew forth.

Spirerne – Solid Danish design

The functional training equipment from NOORD targets a wide demographic, as people across all ages and levels will be able to complete different exercises. This appeals to both beginners and people with a lot of training. The training equipment is designed, shaped and intended for various types of training. Eg callisthenics, Circuit Training, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), CrossFi, Bodyweight training.

The versatile design of the training equipment ensures minimal maintenance by not having any moving parts and thus need no lubrication, polishing or tightening. At each area, there is an instructional sign equipped with an illustrative usage guide as well as a QR code that can be scanned to see demonstrations of the exercises.

NOORD takes pride in being Danish and has decided to keep production domestic. The materials and production methods used are carefully selected to withstand the Nordic climate, thus achieving a long lifespan.