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In 2012, Steffen Svendsen established NOORD, with the headquarters in Ringsted, Denmark. At NOORD, we present a broad and robust product range within outdoor fitness (the Sprouts), OCR obstacle courses and play & learning games. At NOORD, we focus on developing and manufacturing products with a long lifespan, minimal maintenance requirements, and simple designs that seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment, whether it’s in the city center, park, or more rural settings.

The Sprouts series was the first branch of a range of products back in 2012, all with the same purpose: to inspire and motivate both young and old, men and women, beginners and advanced individuals to take a break from their everyday lives, de-stress, and find joy and renewed energy through movement, exercise, and play in the outdoors.

We at NOORD take pride in being a Danish company with an innovation department, headquarters, and production based in Denmark. However, we are also proud to have opened an international division in 2020, which has already sold over 50 projects worldwide. Our products are no longer limited to Scandinavia but can be found across Europe, Asia, and North America. Hong Kong, Oslo, Stockholm, Las Vegas, Cadiz, New York, and Miami Beach are just a few of the locations where NOORD’s outdoor fitness equipment series “The Sprouts” can be found.

NOORD’s vision is to make an elegant and sustainable contribution to the physical and mental health and overall well-being of both the young and the elderly. We inspire and motivate people of all ages and from all countries to get outdoors, move, exercise more, and find a sanctuary in their busy lives.

NOORD’s mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives by inspiring and helping them adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle through our sculptural and functional products. We aim to make access to fitness easy and free. Our outdoor equipment is designed, produced, and intended for various forms of exercise, enabling the development of a strong and flexible body — and it’s allowed to be fun too.

At NOORD, we prioritize the environment and sustainability as much as high quality and joy for life. We aspire to be industry leaders in sustainability. Therefore, we utilize an environmentally friendly, water-based process for rust protection in most of our products. This surface treatment protects the items both internally and externally while minimizing the release of heavy metals. We employ a closed-loop system in our production, resulting in over 90% recycling and material utilization.

We take responsibility and incorporate sustainability throughout the entire process, from design to production to durability. That’s why we have chosen to keep all processes within Denmark, from the moment an idea for a product arises until it is fully produced and ready to be delivered to the customer. We always strive for the most environmentally friendly production methods, using only 100% recyclable steel for our products. Furthermore, we focus on ensuring minimal maintenance and long lifespan for everything we deliver. Read more about our environmental focus here.

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