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Activity park for outdoor urban activity with elegant dainsh designed outdoor equipment
Facilities for activity park

In 2019, NOORD was invited to contribute to the Activity Ring at Svanemøllen. The aim was to create a project where “the design of play facilities and facilities for physical activity takes place through the design of urban nature optimised for play and movement as an integrated solution for the desired activities and training elements in urban nature.” Therefore, the choice fell on “Spirerne” – or in English “The Sprouts” –

which symbolises the power that arises in people when they exercise.

Danish design and production
180 standard RAL colors
According to EN 16630
Minimal maintenance

The Activity Park at Svanemøllen - Østre Gasværk district

An exciting task lay ahead of us when it became clear that NOORD would have to contribute to the new Activity Ring at Swan Mill in the Østre Gasværk quarter.

NOORD was allocated three areas – one to encourage exercise and various forms of physical activity, and the other two for relaxation, socialising, and resting.

In the initial phase, NOORD worked with Ramboll to propose a number of ideas for the use of the three areas. Ramboll was responsible for advising and delivering different proposals, while NOORD was responsible for designing the areas and creating 3D visualisations of the different options. Below are some of the first proposals for the training area at the Activity Ring.

Training area inspired by active urban nature with space for team training

The training area – the active area inspired by urban nature

With a brief to create an exercise area inspired by urban nature that encourages play and movement, we chose to place the exercise equipment at the edge of the allocated area to create an inviting, airy and inspiring exercise area. The chosen selection of equipment aimed to create an outdoor training area that can be used by everyone, regardless of gender, age and fitness level. An area where one can train alone, but also as a group in the form of circuit training, which is ideal for areas where several uniform pieces of equipment (several of the same model) are installed in a circular manner.

Air and free space for team training

The idea was to create a panna pitch in the centre of the area, which would be the focal point of the active area. A small football pitch, aimed more at the younger audience, but which could also be used by adults for activity, fun, and socialising. However, the panna court was later removed from the project as the area was intended for training muscle groups and not for cardio training, which involves running and increasing the heart rate on a football pitch. The client thought it would be better to create a more open area with space for group training, yoga and other lying exercises on the soft surface. For this surface, the choice fell on a rubber coating in petroleum blue. NOORD provided more than 300 m2 of this coating.

The choice of tools was chosen based on the layout of the area

After several different proposals for the layout of the area and the tools to be placed in it, the choice fell on a composition that provides a wide range of training opportunities for the users.

These 18 pieces of equipment ensure that all muscle groups of the body are exercised. And the instruction sign, Spirer Sign, provides inspiration for exercises on the various pieces of equipment, which include everything from NOORD’s elegant version of jump boxes in three different heights, to abdominal benches, bars of different heights – but of course all with the distinctive and elegant staggered bars of the Spirer series – to Pilates balls, sculptural TRX equipment and the beautiful and multifunctional Monkey Bar.

Focus on safety - we make it easy to comply with the European standard EN:16630

In addition to advising municipalities, housing associations, schools, and architects on the design of training areas and the placement of equipment, at NOORD we focus on making the design of training areas that comply with the applicable EU standards as simple and transparent as possible.

The European standard for permanently installed outdoor exercise equipment in public spaces is EN:16630, which focuses on fall zones and fall distances when designing an outdoor exercise area.

Read more about EN:16630 here

That’s why we at NOORD have made sure that the training equipment can easily be placed in a specific area without having to worry about whether it complies with the rules. For this purpose, we have marked fall sections and safety zones in our DWG files, which can be downloaded for each individual product under the “Training Equipment” tab.

Find the overview of our products here

Explanation of safety zones - blue and green circles

Our DWG files always show blue and green circles around our equipment. The blue circle illustrates the area of movement, the green the training space. In the installation manuals we show examples of what can and cannot overlap which lines. You can find an example of such an installation manual here

The circles are shown in our installation manuals, data sheets and DWG files that can be used in various drawing programmes. Contact us if the files do not work in your programme – we will find a solution.

At NOORD, we are proud to contribute to the project with the Activity Ring at Svanemøllen – Østre Gasværk Kvarteret and are pleased to have been involved all the way from idea over design to final implementation.

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Activity park for outdoor urban activity with elegant dainsh designed outdoor equipment

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