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Outdoor fitness equipment on a beautiful avenue in Trekroner - Roskilde
Elegant fitness park in Roskilde, Denmark

NOORD Outdoor Fitness has delivered a fitness park with outdoor fitness equipment and wetpour rubber surfacing to the municipality of Roskilde in Denmark.

The location of the park has been chosen so that training is easily accessible to both the students at Roskilde University and Absalon, as well as residents of the surrounding residential areas.

Elegant fitness park in Roskilde, Denmark

NOORD Outdoor Fitness has delivered a fitness park to the municipality of Roskilde in Denmark.

Trekroner is a scenic area in Roskilde with its own train station, various forms of living, an attractive and centrally located business area, Roskilde University (RUC) and the vocational school Absalon – and it is close to Copenhagen.

Roskilde municipality is in the midst of developing the Trekroner area and the aim is to develop it into an independent district where housing, university and businesses complement each other and where knowledge, environment and nature are the driving ideas in urban development.

The location of the fitness park

As part of the vision, it was decided to create an outdoor fitness park, and Roskilde Municipality, in collaboration with the Trekroner Council and RUC, came up with the idea of placing this fitness park on Lysalléen. Here you will find the entire palette of both owner-occupied and rented homes, senior citizens’ homes, student homes, apartments and villas as well as businesses on both sides of the avenue.

The one end of Lysalléen ends at the primary school of Trekroner, the other lies up to Trekroner lake with RUC and Absalon Professional School just on the other side of the lake – and it was decided to set up the fitness equipment as close to the lake as possible. Precisely this location accommodates, among other things, a big wish from the students at RUC and provides easy access for both residents, students and other users at all ages.

The choice of fitness equipment fell on NOORD’s Spirer series – elegant and long-lasting fitness equipment that requires a minimum of maintenance. As there are countless wiring in the underground – both new and old – the only option was to place the tools in a straight line, where the fitness equipment is also flanked by trees, which gives a fantastic feeling of being out in nature right there in the middle of the city space!

Outdoor fitness equipment for parks and urban areas

Fitness equipment for all levels and age groups

The municipality of Roskilde selected 16 fitness equipment and a Spirer Sign with inspiration for exercises that can be performed on the various fitness equipment. The chosen range appeals to training a wide age group and is also challenging for everyone, regardless of level. The equipment in the Spirer series are designed so that the user can decide for themselves how much load they want in each exercise. In addition, training with your own body weight is ideal for both strength training and cardio, but also rehabilitation, as this form of training minimizes the risk of overuse injuries.

NOORD’s outdoor fitness equipment, which are elegant powder-coated steel tubes, can be supplied in 180 different UV-stable RAL colors and have no moving parts. This means that there are no screws, bolts or anything else that can be removed from the equipment and used for vandalism. At the same time, looking after the fitness equipment from NOORD requires a minimum of maintenance. Read more about our range of fitness equipment here.

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Outdoor fitness equipment for parks and urban areas

Elegant fitness park in Roskilde, Denmark

Elegant fitness park in Roskilde, Denmark NOORD Outdoor Fitness has delivered a fitness park with outdoor fitness equipment and wetpour rubber surfacing to the municipality of Roskilde in Denmark. The...

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