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New and improved park with equipment from NOORD

The addition of NOORD’s fitness equipment not only promotes physical activity and wellness but also enhances the overall appeal and functionality of the park. The addition of diverse outdoor activities and improvements within the park will make it an appealing and stimulating destination for educational institutions and local residents.

The expanded selection of activities will accommodate diverse interests and age groups, providing opportunities for education, fitness, and exploration in an engaging outdoor setting. This transformation is expected to encourage community involvement and motivate individuals to take part in park activities.

Improvements to Bingfield Park with outdoor gym equipment

In July 2023 Islington Council started the improvements for Bingfield Park in Islington, London, to provide new and better opportunities for local people to spend time outside in nature. The ideal idea was” Making the space more biodiverse, child-friendly and fun for visitors.” NOORD Outdoor Fitness has delivered yet again, adding to The Greatest Outdoor Fitness equipment, which completes the workout area at Bingfield Park.

Outdoor environment for everyone

Bingfield Park is situated near several schools and educational institutions, such as Central Saint Martins university and other primary schools. Its proximity to these schools makes it a convenient outdoor space for activities and outdoor learning opportunities for students.

The park offers numerous benefits, including a playground for young visitors, a hand bike—a specialized bicycle designed for individuals with disabilities, expansive green spaces perfect for walks or picnics, a basketball court, Football pitch and various recreational opportunities for everyone to enjoy without any obligations.

Adding new local facilities with NOORD

Islington Council, residents and community organizations such as We are Cally worked together to reshape the area by investing £1.25 million. The overall idea is” planning to make our borough cleaner, greener, and healthier”. Therefore, is NOORD Outdoor Fitness the ideal producer for Bingfield Park improvement project. Due to the 100% recyclable steel, we reduce our carbon footprint while also contributing to a circular economy.

NOORD’s products are powder coated outdoor fitness equipment, which is weatherproof and has no moving parts, i.e., there are no screws, bolts or anything else that can be removed from the equipment and used for vandalism. The equipment can therefore be used by people of all ages and training levels. They are ideal for children and youth as part of a fun and challenging workout.

Like all exercise equipment in NOORD’s Spirer series, the equipment supplied for this project is designed to create an aesthetic and functional exercise area in residential areas, school playgrounds and public parks. The equipment is ideal for public spaces and is designed for training with your own body weight, minimizing the risk of overuse injuries.

Outdoor elegant fitness equipment for calisthencis exercises from NOORD

Colleges and universities demand outdoor fitness equipment

At colleges and universities in Denmark as well as in the rest of the world, we also see an increasing demand for areas with outdoor fitness equipment. At Roskilde Gymnasium in Denmark, the school has chosen to create an area with outdoor fitness equipment near the school’s hall and playing fields, so that during the summer months it is possible to incorporate the equipment into the sports lessons. 

The area is beautifully situated between pines and bushes, which frame the area in the finest way. Underneath the equipment, the school has chosen a rubber surface with its own logo as fall protection. The school’s area with outdoor fitness equipment consists of push-up bars, parallel bars, jump boxes in different heights and bars for triceps extensions.


Why schools and educational institutions should focus on movement

We are proud to present our range of outdoor equipment tailored towards schools and public institutions. By combining learning with movement, we can create a dynamic learning environment that not only benefits individual students and participants, but also strengthens the entire community.
By incorporating movement into teaching, it is possible to engage students in a more active and practical way. Studies show that movement based learning improves comprehension, memory and problem solving skills.
Short breaks for physical activity can also improve students’ concentration and attention. Providing equipment for outdoor play and movement can create opportunities for these important breaks during the school day.
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Park area with durable fitness equipment from NOORD

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Outdoor crossfit equipment on a roofop

Movement brings young people together

Outdoor equipment in schools and public institutions creates a community gathering point. It encourages activity and interaction among both children and adults, strengthening social bonds and a sense of community.
With more opportunities for outdoor play and exercise, the quality of life for everyone in the community improves. Children and families can enjoy being active together, creating healthy habits and lifelong memories.
A well equipped outdoor space at schools and public institutions makes the community more attractive to newcomers and investors. It signals a commitment to health, wellbeing and education, which can attract positive resources to the area.

Get inspired

Not sure how our equipment can be integrated into schools and public institutions? Get inspired by the many suggestions on our website or contact us for guidance.
The sky’s the limit when it comes to putting together equipment from Noord, and it can therefore be combined in a multitude of different ways. Our equipment is suitable for both smaller and larger areas, so it can fit naturally into the area.
No matter what type of fitness track or outdoor training area you want to create in the open air, our equipment can be customized according to your needs and wishes. We have everything you need to create a stimulating and active environment.
Our products are designed with durability and safety in mind. We also offer tailored solutions and advice, so you can be sure that the equipment you choose is a perfect fit for your facility and budget.

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