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Schools and educational institutions want to activate students

It is often difficult to get older pupils to move and be physically active during recess. In Denmark, it is a legal requirement for all pupils to be physically active for 45 minutes during the school day.

With outdoor fitness equipment on the school’s premises, the schools make it possible and attractive for pupils to move and be active together during recess, sports lessons and outside school hours.

Danish design and production
180 standard RAL colors
According to EN 16630
Minimal maintenance

Danish school establishes outdoor fitness equipment from NOORD

The Danish primary school Vonsild Skole has a beautiful area with outdoor fitness equipment from NOORD. In one area of the school’s premises, they wanted to create a framework for activity and recreational areas for the school’s oldest grades. This area was to contain both places where those who just wanted to sit nearby and watch and socialize could be, and some activities for those who want to burn off some energy.

In a collaboration between the school’s management, a working group set up by the school and one of NOORD’s project managers, we have put together a functional and beautiful area that provides space for both physical activity and socialising.

The local area benefits from the exercise equipment

The area has the advantage of being located so that fitness exercisers and other locals can use it outside school opening hours, which was one of the goals of the new investments. The school is part of the neighbourhood, even after school hours.

The school has succeeded in creating environments where young people enjoy hanging out and which are also used by local residents for post-run training or socialising in their free time.

The outdoor training equipment chosen for the area includes everything from our beautiful Monkey Bar, to pull-up bars, abdominal bench, parallel bars and many other pieces of equipment.

NOORD's tools do not signal play equipment and therefore attract the oldest students

School principal Peter Nordborg says: “I firmly believe that learning, play and activity come naturally when the facilities are there. The collaboration with NOORD supports the idea that the facilities should be inviting. Children can’t help but play if there are welcoming facilities. Older students will want to exercise and move if the facilities and environment are designed to motivate this age group. The beautiful design of NOORD’s equipment is crucial to the overall experience. This equipment does not signal playground equipment, it signals training that appeals to the older students, where it should be a little cool and different.”

NOORDs crossfit products

Colleges and universities demand outdoor fitness equipment

At colleges and universities in Denmark as well as in the rest of the world, we also see an increasing demand for areas with outdoor fitness equipment. At Roskilde Gymnasium in Denmark, the school has chosen to create an area with outdoor fitness equipment near the school’s hall and playing fields, so that during the summer months it is possible to incorporate the equipment into the sports lessons. The area is beautifully situated between pines and bushes, which frame the area in the finest way. Underneath the equipment, the school has chosen a rubber surface with its own logo as fall protection. The school’s area with outdoor fitness equipment consists of push-up bars, parallel bars, jump boxes in different heights and bars for triceps extensions.


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