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Outdoor durable gym equipment for different exercises
Calisthenics equipment

Calisthenics’ equipment with high functionality and durability, which is aimed at a wide target group, is used more and more often in construction projects for municipalities, on public areas, in schoolyards and at the local association.

At NOORD, we have many years of experience with the design and production of precisely calisthenics equipment.

Danish design and production
180 standard RAL colors
According to EN 16630
Minimal maintenance

Outdoor gym equipment for Calisthenics

Calisthenics is an increasingly popular type of workout that is based on using your own bodyweight for strength exercises. This means you can do a Calisthenics workout basically anywhere and at any time with no equipment. 

With beautiful and functional outdoor gym equipment from NOORD you can design a fitness park that can be the base for many different kinds of exercise such as Calisthenics, Crossfit, HIIT sessions or circle training. 

Explore our collection of outdoor gym equipment and get inspired.

Outdoor workout equipment for calisthenics exercices from Noord

Reasons to invest in NOORD outdoor gym equipment

If you wish to invest in outdoor gym equipment that is both multifunctional, aesthetically pleasing, safe and durable, the NOORD’s series of outdoor gym equipment called “Spirer” is for you. 

Multifunctional equipment for strengthening and stretching

Not only can you utilise NOORD outdoor gym equipment for various strength workouts, you can also use it for stretching. Additionally, each piece of equipment is designed to help you do a number of different exercises.

Naturally compliments its surroundings

The word “Spirer” means “seeds” or “sprouts” in Danish and honouring this, NOORD equipment is designed to naturally sprout out of its environment and become a beautiful addition to it.

Safe and endurable equipment

All of NOORD’s equipment lives up to the European DS/EN16630 safety regulations for outdoor gym equipment. The equipment is designed with no bolts or joints which not only makes it safer, but also minimises maintenance. 


We mainly use two different durable types of materials for our equipment:


  • Steel that has been rust protected and which has a powder varnish that protects it from getting scratches and keeps the equipment looking great for years to come
  • EPDM rubber which is known for its resistance to changing temperatures and weather conditions

What is the best equipment for Calisthenics?

The best equipment for Calisthenics is simply your body because Calisthenics uses the resistance of your body along with gravity to strengthen your muscles. However, multifunctional equipment such as different kinds of workout bars are suitable if you want to increase the difficulty and variety of exercises. For an example, the Spirer MONKEY BAR from NOORD’s collection of outdoor gym equipment can be utilised for multiple exercises such as leg raises, pull-ups and arm walks.

What equipment is needed for Calisthenics at home?

With Calisthenics you make use of your body weight to do strength training. Therefore you do not need equipment such as hand weights to do your workout. However, simple equipment such as a pull up bar can come in handy in order to increase the variety but also the difficulty of the exercises you do.  

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