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Outdoor fitness and gym equipment

NOORD’s Outdoor fitness and gym equipment is designed and manufactured with minimal maintenance in mind by not having any moving parts or visible joints. The stylish training equipment is ideal for exercise using bodyweight. Read more about why you should choose NOORD’s Outdoor fitness and gym equipment further down.

NOORD’s Outdoor fitness and gym equipment is designed and manufactured with minimal maintenance in mind by not having any moving parts or visible joints. The stylish training equipment is ideal for exercise using bodyweight. Read more about why you should choose NOORD’s Outdoor fitness and gym equipment further down.

Why choose NOORD’s Outdoor fitness and gym equipment?

NOORD’s outdoor fitness and gym equipment is environmentally friendly, maintenance free, functional and has a unique design. The Outdoor fitness and gym equipment’s two offset bars endow it with a sculptured expression while, at the same time, help give it exceptional height differentiation. These features help give the training equipment its functionality and mean that it appeals to a wide demographic, as people across all ages and levels will be able to complete different exercises.

NOORD’s Outdoor fitness and gym equipment “Spirerne” is based on a concept in which only the body’s own weight is used. Therefore, the products have no moving parts and are delivered in one piece, which ensures that the equipment is practically maintenance free and protected against vandalism.

The unique design is essential to NOORD and we strive to ensure that we maintain high standards in all aspects of our service. Therefore, we have decided to have all RAL colours as our standard colours, meaning that you, as the customer, are free to choose the RAL colour for the equipment that matches the surroundings in which it is to be installed. In other words, there are no additional costs involved in adapting the colours to the surroundings and creating a unique fitness zone.

Outdoor Fitness is Popular

Outdoor fitness is a popular form of exercise as you get to be out in nature and get fresh air while getting exercise and a good workout. There are many different exercises you can do with outdoor gym equipment, allowing you to tailor your workout to your needs and desires. Outdoor training has become popular because it gives everyone the freedom to exercise anytime, anywhere and without a costly gym membership. At NOORD, we are seeing an increasing demand for our outdoor gym equipment as people around the world become more conscious about mental and physical health. Architects around the world are incorporating outdoor gym equipment into projects large and small. Outdoor gym equipment is perfect for everything from large park areas and small green spaces in urban areas to the outdoor spaces of rooftop terraces, residential complexes, schools and institutions.

Outdoor Gym Equipment in Many Variants

 Outdoor gym equipment is a great addition to green spaces as it allows tourists and local residents to exercise and stay healthy without the need for any equipment. Outdoor gym equipment provides an effective workout that can improve your fitness, strength and flexibility. 

At NOORD, our outdoor gym equipment ranges from Pilates balls and monkey bars to pull-up bars, parallel bars and incline benches, in which exercises with your own body weight can be performed regardless of your fitness level or experience. With outdoor workout equipment, you can do a variety of exercises to improve your fitness, strength and flexibility. NOORD’s outdoor gym equipment allows for a varied and healthy workout of all muscles in the body, with minimal risk of strain and injury, as it is training without weights.

Get a 3D Visualization of the Area

If you want to know more about NOORD’s outdoor gym equipment, contact us today!

We offer a 3D visualization of your area with the correct measurements, also indicating safety distances between the equipment and in relation to the area’s trees and plants. With a 3D visualization we create an overview of how the desired fitness equipment can be placed in the best way, taking into account the overall experience of the whole area and the training experience for each individual.

Let NOORD’s “Spirer” Be Part of Your Next Project

All the outdoor gym equipment from NOORD is traditional Danish design. The whole series is called “Spirerne” – in English “Sprouts” – and their organic shape lives up to the name. The Danish designed gym equipment is designed to meet a number of requirements:

  • Surface treated to NOORD specifications for long life
  • No moving parts
  • Vandal-proof surface
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Aesthetically pleasing and functional
  • 180 standard colours at no extra cost

NOORD gym equipment is a good and safe choice for your next project. With its sleek and aesthetic look, it will complete any park area or rooftop terrace.


NOORD’s Outdoor fitness and gym equipment is designed for several different forms of training


CrossFit is a varied form of training in which functional movements are executed with a relatively high intensity. All CrossFit training is based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing, bodyweight training and much more. This is a consolidation of life’s core movements, which help move the greatest loads and the longest distances in the shortest time. The natural functional movement is crucially important to the exercises in CrossFit, and if the exercises are performed correctly, the risk of injury is minimal.


Calisthenic training is a training form in which the exercises are performed without the use of extra weight, so general bodyweight training is called on. Calisthenic training can be used for an independent training session, for weight loss, body-building or fitness training. Calisthenic training has numerous advantages as you only use your own body weight as a load, with the result that the risk of injury is reduced to the minimum. This training form appeals to a broad target group as it can be customised with exercises at all levels.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

High Intensity Interval Training, or HHIT, is defined as short, intense bursts of physical activity, combined with intervals of short rest. This type of intensive training can result in the body burning calories at a faster rate – right up to 72 hours later. HHIT can also increase your metabolism, reduce insulin resistance, improve your heart function and produce gains in endurance levels more quickly than stable cardio training. HHIT often distinguishes itself by being effective with regard to time consumption and you can train practically anywhere.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is more a way of structuring training than a specific form of training. Circuit training can be customised to correct those imbalances that can arise in any type of sport that is performed to an extreme level or a high level. Therefore, you will be able to arrange a circuit training programme suited to individual needs. Circuit training is a form of condition training in which you take strength, endurance, suppleness and coordination as your points of departure. Typically, the exercises extend from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, after which you proceed to another exercise. Circuit training can be practised by anyone from beginners to elite practitioners.

Training with TRX and elastics

The simple design of the fitness equipment allows you to use a variety of accessories, for example, TRX and elastics, during training. These accessories are highly suited to rehabilitation, and for people with reduced physical function. The various accessories can also function as assistive devices for a specific exercise or simply to extend the range of exercises in the training field. Furthermore. TRX is a rapidly growing trend that is becoming increasingly popular in Denmark.

Outdoor Fitness is Popular

Outdoor Fitness is Popular

Outdoor Fitness is Popular

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