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Active outdoor space with fitness equipment in Hong Kong at rooftop
Roof terraces are increasingly being used as active spaces

Roof terraces are more and more often used for purposes such as relaxation, barbecue evenings and much more. At NOORD Outdoor Fitness, we have seen an increasing demand for gym equipment with footplates for installation.

One of NOORD’s prestige projects in the field of mounting gym equipment on roof terraces is the beautiful terrace in Hongkong.

Danish design and production
180 standard RAL colors
According to EN 16630
Minimal maintenance

Roof terraces are increasingly being used as active outdoor spaces

Roof terraces can contain both relaxation, coziness and outdoor training

Do you dream of designing a roof terrace with a good atmosphere and innovative interior design?

A terrace is a great place to enjoy the summer, whether it is located on the roof of a building, in a courtyard with a parking lot below or on an elevated plateau, which creates different spaces and gives a specific atmosphere. A roof terrace can be furnished and adapted for many purposes, so that it can be used for relaxation, barbecue evenings and much more. A terrace area can simultaneously invite both relaxation and coziness, as well as exercise, yoga and stretching.

The possibilities are many, so there is nothing to prevent you from enjoying your training in the evening sun after a long day at work or inviting friends and family for a barbecue at the weekend. With the right inspiration, you can design the roof terrace in an efficient way that ensures you get the most out of the space and that the surroundings express calm and aesthetics.

Exercise with a view of the sea, mountains and the city center - a prestigious project by NOORD Outdoor Fitness in Hongkong

One of NOORD’s prestigious projects in the field of mounting fitness equipment on roof terraces is the beautiful terrace in Hongkong on top of an apartment complex, where you can look out over both water, mountain and the city center while exercising. The architect opened his eyes to NOORD’s fitness equipment when he had to design an aesthetic, inspiring outdoor environment with high-quality, maintenance-free equipment. On the terrace deck he wanted to mount the products on an elevated wooden deck in light wood and in several levels, which can be used both for exercising and for recovery between training sets. In addition, he prioritized creating an outdoor space that buzzed with life, which is why he has also implemented planters around the wooden deck with the gym equipment, which are also called “Spirerne” – or in English “The Sprouts”, which fit in well with the whole philosophy of the roof terrace’s atmosphere. The aesthetic gym equipment are minimalistic and organic in their design, so that they appear as usable sculptures that grow majestically out of the terrace’s covering.

The roof terrace is used on a daily basis by the residents, who consist of local and international business people who own an apartment in the complex. In addition to the gym area, the roof terrace consists of a cocktail bar, a relaxation area with hammocks and a jacuzzi. The equipment from the Spirer series at NOORD have been chosen in two different special colors, which fit in with the atmosphere of the terrace.

NOORD’s outdoor fitness equipment is the perfect alternative to the usual furnishing options on the roof deck. The popular fitness equipment are available in all the colors of the rainbow and are therefore easy to fit into an extraordinary outdoor design for the outdoor space. See a color chart of NOORD’s standard colors here.

Rooftop elegant sport equipment for training from Noord

Mounting gym equipment on roof decks and terraces is easy and simple

In addition to the beautiful installation in the wooden terrace in Hongkong, the fitness equipment is designed for many places where the surface is not soil. On top of the buildings on Sct. Hans Psychiatric Hospital in Roskilde in Denmark, they have created small courtyards in which the equipment are included. In Stockholm, Sweden, one customer has chosen to mount the gym equipment on top of a parking lot, and at the Scandinavian Center in Aarhus, the equipment are mounted on a concrete deck on top of youth housing.

The equipment are easy to install, as they can all be delivered for installation on terraces, regardless of whether the surface is concrete, asphalt or iron. The tools are available with special footings, which are designed for mounting on surfaces where you cannot dig, but instead need to be able to bolt the equipment firmly. See what a special foot for the equipment looks like here.

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