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Outdoor durable fitness equipment in Potsdam Berlin made by NOORD
The square in Potsdam got outdoor fitness equipment from NOORD

At NOORD, we are delighted to be represented on this magnificent new town square in Potsdam, which is both a historic and modern space that ties history together and looks great! New and old blend together, elegantly utilising part of the public space to create a sculptural play and fitness area

Danish design and production
180 standard RAL colors
According to EN 16630
Minimal maintenance

In Potsdam, a new attractive city square was inaugurated in autumn 2022.

In Potsdam, a new attractive city square was inaugurated in autumn 2022.

The formerly dilapidated terrace restaurant Minsk from the GDR era, which was bought by Potsdam’s honorary mayor Professor Hasso Plattner and converted and expanded by his foundation into the art museum DAS MINSK, a museum of modern and GDR art, is once again recognisable. Of the original restaurant, only the roof and columns remain, the rest is new, but orientated towards the original architecture. The large window facade overlooks the city and the terrace has a café open to the public.

NOORD's outdoor elegant fitness equipment represented in the Berlin - Minsk terraces

"Das Minsk" is the reconstruction of the terrace restaurant from the GDR era

At the foot of the Minsk Museum, the Brauhausberg terraces have also been recreated in the style of the GDR model. The terraces form a beautiful entrance from the station to Brauhausberg and offer an unobstructed view of ‘Das Minsk’. Three large terraces with fountains, lawns and a playground have been created on the approximately 6,000 square metre area between the art museum “Das Minsk”, the swimming centre “blu” and the Leipziger Dreieck. Each of the lawns has a fountain in one corner and two further fountains flank the staircase to “Das Minsk”, creating a special entrance for visitors to the museum. The central square is now reminiscent of the square of the former GDR.  

Outdoor fitness equipment from NOORD adorns the terraces at the entrance

In front of the entrance to “Blu” there is a terrace-like play and fitness area. NOORD had the pleasure of supplying the outdoor training equipment for the new fitness area, which looks fantastic on the coloured surface, flanked by the green lawns and the “Blu”.

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