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Outdoor fitness park

If you’re looking for an outdoor fitness park to create urban living in your area, you can find both sculptural and functional facilities and equipment at Noord. Our equipment is both minimal maintenance and of the highest quality.

Inspiration and guidance for your outdoor fitness park

Not only do we sell products nationally, but we also offer advice on the design of outdoor areas in schools, public spaces, private homes or outdoor areas for OCR, Obstacle Course Racing.
In addition, you can find a lot of inspiration and ideas for possible installations, designs and arrangements. For most people, this can make it easier to visualize what your outdoor fitness park in your desired area will look like.

When aesthetics and functionality combine

To create the best setting for outdoor social activities, we also need the best resources and equipment. For us, exercise equipment doesn’t only need to be practical, but also aesthetically integrated into the space it is placed in.

Our products and equipment for your outdoor fitness park are available in more than 180 different colors, allowing you to choose exactly the look that suits your area, nearby buildings, surrounding activities.

How can we help?

Who is Noord?

At Noord, we are a group of passionate people who are driven by a love of outdoor design and social interaction. So if you’re looking for a consulting partner for your next outdoor fitness park project or expansion and upgrade of an existing one, we’re available to discuss the best options for you.

We help you from A-Z, from consultations with our architects and designers in selecting the right products and designing the right urban spaces, to our skilled installers who efficiently and safely install our products.

More than just an outdoor fitness park

Spending resources on installing an outdoor fitness park not only benefits physical activity in the area, but a well-equipped urban space also attracts social life and motivates people to get active. More and more people are taking advantage of outdoor exercise in the form of OCR, obstacle course racing or calisthenics, body weight training.
Parks and establishments like these also cater to these types of activities, depending on the products you choose for your outdoor fitness park. You can also explore our products and previous projects with schools and equipment for active learning in the schoolyard.

Contact us to discuss your project further

We look forward to hearing more about your projects in the community that you are in. We are open to take a look at your project and provide you with a non-binding offer on your options and solutions.
We have collaborated with ZYSCOVICH, BIG, PLH, OPLAND, schønherr and many others.
Start your journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle by training through bicep calisthenics with no equipment. Use your own weight as a training partner.
Discover more equipment here or explore our OCR here.