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Fitness equipment for park in New York
Hudson River Park Manhattan

Welcome to a huge project on 5.5 hectares in the Hudson River Park on the Gansevoort Peninsula, which will be a new recreational offer for the residents of New York. The area was originally laid out on the remains of fill from a land reclamation project that was supposed to expand Manhattan in the 1830s. This gave the renowned New York-based firm of James Corner Field Operations, landscape architects and urban designers, a fantastic opportunity to incorporate both ecological restoration and water access into the project, which would not be possible on a typical Hudson River Park pier .

Danish design and production
180 standard RAL colors
According to EN 16630
Minimal maintenance

Green oasis in the middle of the city

James Corner Field Operations was responsible for designing the project in close collaboration with the surrounding community, which was given ample opportunity to provide input through a series of meetings and workshops, resulting in a design that combines both active and passive uses.

The area will be a green oasis, with a salt marsh on the north side that will be unique on the Manhattan side of the Hudson River. Native grasses and plantings will provide a valuable habitat while giving park users an insight into the environmental benefits of tidal ecosystems.

The south side of the peninsula will feature Manhattan’s first public beach. The beach will feature a rocky shore and will allow kayakers and other small boaters to access the river – but it will also invite relaxation and views of the river.

North of the beach will be a lawn and seating area, as well as a large multi-use sports field surrounded by clusters of trees.

Along the western side of the peninsula there will be a dog walking area, picnic tables and sun loungers.

One of the world's best-known architectural houses chose outdoor fitness equipment from NOORD

There will be gardens, promenades and a fitness area – and for the fitness area the architect has chosen NOORD’s powder coated outdoor fitness equipment, which is weatherproof and has no moving parts, i.e., there are no screws, bolts or anything else that can be removed from the equipment and used for vandalism.

Like all exercise equipment in NOORD’s Spirer series, the equipment supplied for this project is designed to create an aesthetic and functional exercise area in residential areas, school playgrounds and public parks. The equipment is ideal for public spaces and is designed for training with your own body weight, minimizing the risk of overuse injuries. The equipment can be used by anyone regardless of gender, age and fitness level.

Outdoor fitness equipment is often used when architects such as James Corner Field Operations design public parks, urban spaces, rooftops or other places where a wide audience should have the opportunity to exercise in the open air.

Fitness equipment from NOORD will adorn a prestigious project in New York

It was with pride and joy that we sent the shipment to New York, with all the elegant fitness equipment that will now be part of the big prestige project at the Hudson River Park on the Gansevoort Peninsula, Manhattan. Tourists from all over the world and local residents will have the opportunity to experience the beautiful park and underneath also the outdoor fitness equipment from NOORD’s Spirer series.

The work is in full swing and is expected to be completed during 2023 – New York, here we come!

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