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City parks with an attractive park environment and fitness equipments
City parks with SUDS technology and fitness equipment

Parks around the world are being transformed into multifunctional areas that serve both as green spaces and as local water collection and drainage facilities. This is done through the implementation of SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) technologies, which have proven to be an effective way to manage rainwater in urban areas.

City parks combine SUDS technology and an attractive park environment

SUDS technology is based on the principle of mimicking nature’s water cycle by using different techniques to collect, filter, and use rainwater locally. When rainwater is collected locally, it can be used to water plants and lawns, replenish groundwater, prevent flooding and reduce the load on the city’s sewage system.

NOORD became part of such a SUDS project when Vejle Municipality in Denmark, as part of a larger climate project, created a park with SUDS facilities and activity options for the city’s residents. NOORD has delivered outdoor fitness equipment for the new climate park in Vejle.

The climate park is a sub-project in the large “Climate Project East Town”. In the climate park, the route by which the water is channelled to Vejle Fjord is made visible by setting up white concrete elements that shoot up among the green grass.

Park area with durable fitness equipment from NOORD

Dimensions corresponding to a 100-year rain event

Changes have been made to the terrain so that the entire Tommy Troelsen Park with its three independent basins can hold a total of 5,300 cubic meters of water, dimensioned for a 100-year rainfall event.

SUDS systems like this are not uncommon in Denmark, as they are a long-term solution to the changes that come in the wake of climate change

In addition to serving as a green recreational area for the city’s inhabitants, the park functions both as an innovative activity area with ball, multi- and roller courts and as a wastewater engineering facility with three rainwater basins. In this way, rainwater is stored in the city’s green areas during future heavy rainfall in what looks like an ordinary activity park on a day-to-day basis.

Fitness equipment from NOORD is extremely durable regardless of the amount of water

Tommy Troelsen Park includes a 153 m2 outdoor fitness area with exercise equipment from NOORD. Our outdoor training and fitness equipment is specially designed for use in parks and public areas and can be used by everyone, regardless of gender, age and fitness level.

NOORD’s equipment can withstand large amounts of water without any problems, both the construction and surface treatment of the outdoor fitness equipment is designed to withstand all weather conditions – even in a park that functions as a SUDS facility at times when massive amounts of water can fall.

Millennium Park in Chicago - The world's largest park with LAR facilities

In many other parts of the world, there are different variations of parks that serve both as SUDS facilities and as parks for tourists and city residents throughout the year.

One of the largest parks with a SUDS system is Millennium Park in Chicago, USA. The park is known for its large reflective LURIE glass, which is a 9,300 m2 water mirror that acts as a SUDS system. The glass collects rainwater and sends it through a filtration process before it is used to water the plants in the park.

Another park with a large SUDS system is Suzhou Bay in China. The park is an example of how SUDS technology can be used to transform former industrial areas into green oases. The park has an extensive system of water channels and wetlands designed to collect, filter, and store rainwater. The park also contains a number of tourist attractions, including a botanical garden, a zoo and a maritime museum.

Outdoor fitness equipment for leg raises and pull ups from NOORD

Recycling rainwater is an environmentally sound solution

The many examples of SUDS parks in different parts of the world show how LAR technology can be used to transform urban areas into green, multifunctional spaces that benefit both the environment and the local

community. By collecting and reusing rainwater, SUDS parks can also help reduce the burden on urban sewerage systems and minimise the risk of flooding.

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