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New Forensic Psychiatry has received safe fitness equipment for prisons
New Forensic Psychiatry at Sankt Hans in Roskilde

An award-winning building was ready for inauguration in 2022. The Danish health building of the year 2022 was the forensic psychiatry at Sankt Hans in Roskilde.

NOORD Outdoor Fitness has delivered the fitness equipment and established the red running path – a wetpour rubber-covered path that winds through the activity garden – and the multi-track that will give patients the opportunity to be active together.

New Forensic Psychiatry at Sankt Hans in Roskilde

In 2014, NOORD was asked to make an offer for fitness equipment for the new forensic psychiatry unit at Sankt Hans in Roskilde – a fantastic project on an area that is 20,600 m2 large and with room for 126 patients. This project has been planned with the WHOLE person in mind. The intention was to create a high-security place that also felt homely and welcoming, with a high degree of freedom of movement, good exercise opportunities, all of which should help promote patients’ healing and enable them to return to society as soon as possible. We did of course want to be part of such a project!

The choice fell on NOORD’s fitness products partly because of their aesthetic, sculptural appearance, but also because they are made without moving parts. There are no screws, bolts or anything else that can be removed from the fitness equipment to be used as a weapon. Furthermore, the equipment requires minimal maintenance and is easy to mount. View our full range of outdoor fitness equipment.

It obviously takes time to make a project as big as Sankt Hans, but in April 2018 construction started and on October 7th 2021 the new Sankt Hans was inaugurated. Because of the beautiful view over Roskilde Fjord and the many green areas, the staff call it “The View”.

Residential Areas

At the end of 2021, the first patients moved into the new Sankt Hans. They are enjoying a bright, airy and welcoming building, plenty of nature, views of the sky – also from inside the buildings – as well as the fact that each of the eight bed sections has a cozy little oasis of a courtyard with a variety of plants. The courtyard also has a blue “lake” of rubber covering lighting up amidst the greenery. Two pieces of NOORD’s training equipment, “Spirer 700” and “Spirer 1800”, are installed on this blue lake.

New Forensic Psychiatry has gotten new safe fitness equipment with activity garden

Activity Garden

In the center of the settlement, one finds the large activity garden, which is intended as a recreational area with plenty of space for both motions, socializing or maybe even a quiet moment alone sitting on or in one of the garden’s works of art, just enjoying the view and letting thoughts flow? In the future, it will be possible to make small raised beds on which patients with green fingers can develop their skills.

Around and through the activity garden, the red running track winds its way through the area… across lawns, past bronze sculptures and through the garden’s varied planting, past the large fitness area on the covered terrace and on past the football pitch/basketball court on the blue rubber surface at one end of the garden.

The fitness area on the covered terrace also offers several possibilities for training – among others NOORD Outdoor Fitness has supplied our fitness equipment “Spirer 110”, “Spirer 900”, “Spirer Incline Bench” and “Spirer Monkey” for this area. We have also purchased and supplied exercise bikes and other exercise equipment and had them colored to match our products.

We at NOORD Outdoor Fitness are both pleased and proud to have participated in this unique project and for the collaboration with the talented architects.  

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