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The Scandinavian Center in Aarhus offers free outdoor trainingt

In Aarhus, there are plenty of opportunities to exercise and work out outdoors. One of the places where it is possible to train for free and undisturbed is at the Scandinavian Center, where some of NOORD’s beautiful and sculptural outdoor fitness equipment has been installed.

Danish design and production
180 standard RAL colors
According to EN 16630
Minimal maintenance

Outdoor fitness equipment should motivate young people to a healthier lifestyle

Today, Scandinavian Center Aarhus houses a wide range of facilities such as a hotel, business, private hospital, fitness, etc. The center is located in the heart of Aarhus and very close to the city’s cultural life, with, among other things, the Concert Hall “Musikhuset”, City Hall Square and “Godsbanen” (the freight railway) as its closest neighbours. In the centre of the buildings at the Scandinavian Center, a cozy courtyard environment with benches and plants has been established.

The common recreational areas with an outdoor fitness area with exercise equipment from NOORD are a focal point for the entire area, where one can exercise, socialize and relax at the same time.

The area with 9 different pieces of exercise equipment is located on the roof of the building’s underground car park. The equipment will help to keep the young people living in the Scandinavian Center’s housing occupied in a healthy and inspiring way.

The range of outdoor exercise equipment is large

At the Scandinavian Center, “Spirerne” adorn a rooftop terrace for the benefit of residents and tourists in the center of Aarhus. The rooftop terrace has equipment such as parallel bars, bars for triceps dips, Spirer Boxes for lounges, pull-up bars at different heights for exercises such as straight bar dips, pull-ups and windshield wipers, and incline bench for various abdominal exercises.

Fitness equipment in beautiful Danish design

From the very beginning, NOORD has focused on design when it comes to products for urban spaces. That is why we have developed outdoor fitness equipment in a beautiful design that resembles beautiful sculptures and thus does not spoil an area close to housing, terraces, and cozy corners.

Exercising outdoors is becoming increasingly popular, and there are several good reasons for this. First and foremost, it is a fantastic way to enjoy nature while getting some exercise.

NOORDs crossfit products

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