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Product no.: NO-114

Dimensions: B155 x D495 x H130 cm

Materials: Steel 

Color: Your project is unique – choose between 180 RAL colors

Corrosion class: C4 – Rust-proofed, powder coated

Surface treatment:
– Rust-proofed
– Powder coated


Product description:

OCR Over Under – challenging outdoor training equipment for OCR

OCR over and under is made of rust-protected, powder-coated steel, along with electrically polished stainless steel tubing on the stepping surface of the equipment. The electrically polished stainless steel tubing makes the equipment extra durable and capable of withstanding repeated wear and tear from frequent use in all weather conditions and various footwear. This equipment is extremely durable and resistant to wear. The rust protection ensures that the steel does not corrode, even when exposed to rain and humidity, while the powder coating provides a smooth and even surface.

OCR Over Under consists of four pieces of equipment. Two pieces have a height of 1.3 meters, and two pieces have a height of 0.72 meters.

With OCR Over Under, users are challenged in strength, coordination, and agility as they go over and under the equipment at a high pace. The goal is to navigate as smoothly as possible, going under the first bar, over the next one, under the third one, and over the last one before clearing the obstacle.

This equipment requires a combination of climbing, running, and body movements to navigate through it with ease.

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OCR equipment is ideal for use in public training facilities, parks, and other outdoor areas where people can train for free and without limitations. In addition to being a popular training option for extreme sports enthusiasts, an OCR course is also ideal for children and young people as part of a fun and challenging workout. They can challenge themselves by trying different exercises and techniques that help develop strength, coordination, and balance.

  • Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing outdoor OCR equipment
  • Extremely durable and resistant to wear
  • Ideal for use in parks and public spaces
  • Can be used for intense physical training for experienced individuals, as well as fun and challenging training for less experienced ones.

The training equipment is easily and simply installed in the ground. The construction of the ground spike is designed as an extension of the training equipment itself, making the training equipment exceptionally durable without the possibility of rusting or changing shape, despite frequent and varied use.


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