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Outdoor weight set

At NOORD you’ll find the best outdoor weight set equipment. We have gear for different ages, fitness levels and training styles, so there’s something to suit every person. With our equipment, you can get an effective workout where you use your own body as a weight load.

What does an outdoor training set involve?

An outdoor weight set or training set can include many different types of training equipment. At NOORD, we have designed products for both parks and small urban spaces to encourage the local community to use their bodies actively.

For example, our Double Monkey Bar or TRX are popular choices for an outdoor training area. On all our products, we have an example of exercises you can do on our equipment and which muscle groups it targets. Here, you use your own weight as the load for the workout, and compared to training on machines with weights, there is therefore a lower risk of overloading your joints or suffering other injuries.

Do you need an outdoor weight set?

An outdoor weight set is an aesthetic and smart addition to parks or urban spaces where you need something to facilitate a sense of community among the locals. At NOORD, we believe that our exercise equipment should be aesthetically pleasing and inviting to the surroundings. That’s why we always design it with the setting in which it’s placed in mind. If it is to be placed in a park with natural surroundings, we make sure it is in harmony with nature.
How can we help?

Choose the colors for your outdoor weight set

As mentioned above, it is important that our equipment is both functional and aesthetic, which is why we have a wide color chart to choose from. Here you can choose from 180 colors without having to pay extra. You can therefore design your outdoor weight set to be exactly as you want it.
It’s up to you whether you want your training area to consist of flashy colors or be more discreet and minimalistic. Our designers are always ready to advise you throughout the process, if needed.

Scandinavian company with care for the environment

NOORD is a Scandinavian company where we are proud of our origin. That’s why we have both Danish design and a Danish production. We also want to make a difference for the environment, and by having our production in Denmark, we minimize the transport of our sports equipment. This contributes to reducing our CO2 emissions and environmental impact.
In addition, our equipment is made from 100% recyclable steel that can last for many years and is vandalism-proof. In addition, it requires minimal maintenance and operation, making it a perfect fit for public spaces.

We have collaborated with SCAPEBIG, PLH, OPLAND, SINAI and many others.


Where to buy an outdoor weight set?

At NOORD we have a large selection of training equipment for an outdoor weight set. You can choose from more than 180 different colors.

How do you get started training with an outdoor weight set?

It can be nice to bring a friend, boyfriend, colleague or someone else to your first workout with an outdoor weight set. On our website you can see examples of exercises you can do on our equipment.

What equipment do you need for an outdoor training area?

At NOORD, we have skilled employees who can help you assess which exercise equipment will suit your needs and surroundings.

Can an outdoor weight set withstand harsh weather conditions?

Our outdoor weight sets and our products in general are extremely durable and can therefore withstand different types of weather.
Start your journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle by training through bicep calisthenics with no equipment. Use your own weight as a training partner.
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